New Review- The Storm by R.J. Prescott

I still remember the happiness I felt when I discovered R.J. Prescott and loved her first book. There is something very gratifying when you follow the journey of an author from the beginning and with each book your love grows. This author captured my attention from the start and I still continue being a fan watching her talent grow and for that I am so excited.

We have met Kieran and Marie from the previous books and if you have read them, then I am sure you are anxious to see their falling in love.

Kieran has always been the quiet strength of this team of fighters and it is his time to shine. He might be preparing for a boxing championship, but his real battle is to win the girl who has won his heart.

Marie is really attracted to the giant of a man but she has to protect her heart and his. She has always been cautious but Kieran is there to drop all her walls.

Kieran is a man strong, caring, protective. I love that he is calm through the storms and he is not afraid to dive in this relationship. He lives every day as his last and he is ready to chase and own the girl of his dreams. What surprised me was that he had a dirty mouth and lots of humor.

Marie appeared as a girl a little closed off and reserved in the previous books but in this one she shows her real self. She is a fighter, she is fierce and when she gives in their attraction, she is all in. She is supportive of him and she is the real price that he keeps fighting for. I admire that she is not afraid to fall in love and show her feelings.

Their relationship is adorable, sweet and while the sexy times come later, it doesn’t lack the sparkles. It is kind of insta love and their relationship moves fast but it didn’t bother me at all because they are both invested in their happily ever after.

As always, all the secondary characters are back and they are united as a family. It’s really comforting following their lives and seeing how they are moving on. This strong bond between all the characters is one of the most important assets of this series.

It’s great to come back in this world of Irish men and if you like new adult books with gruff young men that will do anything to possess their girls, then this series is for you! Now I cannot wait for the next one as it’s about the man we are all being waiting for… Tommy is your turn to grovel and fall in love… (“silent laugh”)

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