New Review- Avenged by Jay Crownover

Jay Cownover is an author that can redeem the worst kind of characters and make you love them and this novella is the best example of this. One criminal hidden from the world, one girl searching for purpose in life meet under the most unexpected circumstances and find themselves and love.

I think this story is a gift to the fans of this author’s work as it is a mashup of three of her worlds and as I don’t want to spoil the surprise she has for us I will keep this review a little vague.

Our hero is beyond redemption. He is a man made of brutality and violence. All his life he has spent it with criminals and death and now it’s time for a new leaf. When he meets a fallen angel, he is ready to save her and save himself.

Our heroine is a woman a little lost. Having lost many people in her life, she searches a way to help herself. When a gruff man saves her from a terrible accident, suddenly she sees the man behind the rough experience and wants to know him.

Their attraction is off the charts but their time together is limited. The evil man will find acceptance from her and she will find someone that cares for her. They both have done terrible things in the past but together they will move forward.

Our hero allows us to see what is hidden behind the criminal. He is caring, protective and you can see his need for forgiveness. He wants to earn the trust of our heroine and this bad boy will do anything for her.

Our heroine is a girl with a battered heart but she remains resilient and strong. I loved her will to survive and that she doesn’t give up. She is a woman ready to share her love and her feelings.

This book can be read as a standalone but as a fan I think it will leave you more satisfied if you have read Jay’s books. You see glimpses from the other characters and have a taste from the next story “Salvaged” and that gives a little more to this love story.

Overall, this is an enjoyable novella with lots of sexiness and feelings that will leave you happy and satisfied!

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