New Review- The Opposite of You by Rachel Higginson

When you start a book and you continue reading it until the end although you don’t want to finish, then you know you have found a gem! This story has the perfect flavors, the spice and the sweetness of the best love journey!

Vera has been through a lot of hurt. She’d let herself be abused, mistreated and stripped from her confidence.  A man had promised her love but gave her pain instead. He destroyed her hopes and dreams to become a famous chef. When she gets back to be close to her family, she decides to start over with a more humble dream, opening a food truck. Her new purpose is great cooking and no men…If only the extraordinaire chef Killian Quinn wouldn’t provoke her skills and her heart. Killian is rude, intrusive and insensitive and he keeps giving his opinion. He is confident when she is insecure and she just can’t stand him!

As the days pass, she understands that he is nothing like she expected him to be. He is charming and thoughtful. He is irresistible although she tries her best to resist him. He gives her lessons in cooking but without demeaning her and stripping of her dignity. He gives her faith by his gentle advice and he doesn’t think she is weak or pathetic. He is cool, masculine and strong. He is arrogant and demanding but not mean. He is selfless and honest. He cultivates her confidence giving her back her lost self-worth.

They might start as opposites but their relationship builds slowly and steadily and in the end, Vera can trust him. I loved their banter in the beginning but I loved more their growing bond. There is friendship and you can see the mutual admiration. This is a slow burn romance and although their sexy times come later and are only a few, their relationship is not lacking.

I admired how much Vera grew her confidence and got over her past. She has the best family and best friend and she is such a sweet girl. Killian is the best male hero. He has a rough childhood but he has become successful. He might be sure about his skills but he helps Vera and motivates her. You can see that he has distinguished her raw talent and he gives her the perfect tools to be better. He is intense but soft to her.

The background of their profession as chefs is so interesting and all these yummy dishes made me crave more their story. Sometimes, Vera’s inter dialogue is a little repetitive but it is not something that blocks the fantastic flowing of this book.

The supporting characters are all intriguing and I cannot wait for the next staldalone in this beautiful world!

A pinch of banter, a dash of friendship, a sprinkle of passion creates the best love recipe! You can have a taste of this book and prepared to be full of hope!

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