New Review- After All by Karina Halle

“After All” is the perfect summer read full of romance, fun, love and some angst. I started this book during my vacation and I found myself devouring it in just a few hours. Karina Halle has conquered almost every genre and this light side of her was so entertaining.

Emmett is an actor trying to do his comeback but his image as a womanizer and a fighter doesn’t help him one bit. When he is caught kissing the “girl next door”, he starts a fake relationship with the sexy blonde to help his career. His job is to pretend so no problem, right?!

Alyssa hates men and their nefarious ways. She feels a little lonely and stuck in her job , so when the hot man gives her the perfect proposition, she is all in. After all she knows his kind of men and can resist him…

Something starting as fake soon becomes the most genuine thing in their lives. Between them there are no lies, the masks drop and they reveal to each other their true selves. There is acceptance, care and true love.

Alyssa is such a great character and different than the usual heroines. She is bossy, prickly but also sincere. She is bold and always speaks her mind.Behind her side full of thorns, there is also a woman ready to share her life and love.

Emmett on the other hand might be described as a player but he is anything but that. He has the best dirty mouth but the man is sensitive. He has a background that will touch you and his true self is humble. He is both confident and romantic. He just wants to be accepted.

I loved their relationship. Although they had it agreed into a contract, it was not fake from the beginning. There was flirting , sexy scenes and romance from the start. They acted as a true couple that gets to know and trust each other.

This book would have been a five stars read but the end was not for me. There was some drama that I didn’t find necessary and left a bitter taste for me. Nonetheless, they solved their issues quickly and had their happily ever after.

If you want something swoony, hot without missing some angst, then this story is for you! Karina Halle writes different books but you always expect something good and this is no exception!

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