New Review- Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

I don’t usually read paranormal romance but Nalini Singh is one author that I follow religiously. I have been reading her Psy-Changeling series over ten years (that’s just wow!) and I keep diving into this strange world of human, people without emotions and people that shift into animals.

Every book is for a different couple but the background and the politics will make you lost if you read it as a standalone. I propose reading the whole series and get to love these fantastical books!

Silver Mercant is pure silent- her mind is clear of all emotions- and she follows strictly the rules of her society. That means helping and directing a vast network of all kinds of people in cases of emergency without having space for  feelings.

Valentin Nikolaev is the alpha male of a bear clan and that means he trusts his people above all. There is something though in the icy blonde that makes him want to ruffle her feathers.

When an attempted murder almost eliminates Silver, the alpha man takes her into his clan to protect her and there all their walls fall.

I LOVED the bears!!! Valentin is playful, fun, a real protector and all his interactions with the other bears and Silver are adorable. The man has a golden heart full of love and tenderness. He has problems and responsibilities but he is a hero positive and overall happy.

Silver on the other hand doesn’t let her control slip so easily. She resists her “teddy bear” so she can protect herself and her secrets in the beginning.  She is logical, strong and she doesn’t bend her will quickly. I was a little skeptical with the pace of her transformation from pure silence to being completely open (I found her change too drastic) but who could resist the cute bear?!

As always Nalini is doing a fine job creating this world of three races. There are those who want peace and those who believe in the chaos of war. I admire her ability to write fantasy but taking in consideration all these situations in real life. There are good people and bad people but the coin has two sides and this author shows us both. There is diversity that has to be respected and not destroyed.

This author turns a new page into her series with this book and leaves us wanting more. Every time she gives us a love story but so many questions arise and I cannot wait to read the next one! Now I am going to cuddle my teddy bears until the next book!

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