New Review- Sweet Talker by Robin Bielman

Sweet Talker is the second book in The American Royalty series where the big brother of the family reunites with his first love. This story is sweet with sexy scenes and jokes that only this author knows how to make which makes the book even more adorable.

Ethan is an owner of one of the most famous restaurants and when he gets to meet his new manager, he doesn’t expect to find the one who got away. Pascale was the love of his life but she left him without a goodbye in the past so he now needs some answers.

Pascale was in love with the rich boy years ago but when a tragedy happened in her life, she thought leaving him was the best. Now she is back and she cannot resist.

Their relationship is sweet and hot. Their relationship of their youth transforms into a forever love as it has its ups and downs and they both have to face some hard truths.

Ethan appears in the beginning as little arrogant but he soon shows that he is loyal and caring. Pascale ‘s an independent and strong woman. Their attraction is there from the start but in order for their love to be stable , they have to make some sacrifices.

I enjoyed this story overall because it was cute and easygoing. I fell in love though more with Ethan than Pascale. She sometimes appeared as standoffish and indecisive about her feelings although a logical part of me could understand some of her insecurities.

I am excited about the last book about the younger brother , Drew , as he seems the funniest in the family!

If you want a fun summer book, then Sweet Talker is the story for you!

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