New Review- Ride Wild by Laura Kaye

When you start a MC book, you expect gritty, sexy scenes, killings and lots of adventure. Laura Kaye has taken a different road creating a world where the motorcycle club of Raven Riders is a close family that is there is to support its members. Although, there is suspense, this book will take you on a sweet ride that focuses more on an emotional journey about second chances!

After Sam “Slider” Evans lost his wide, he abandoned his club, his friends and his will to live happily. His only concern is his two sons and nothing else holds his interest. When he hires a nanny though, everything changes.

Cora might have a painful past but she keeps going with a smile on her face. She never knew what family is but the Evans boys are there to love her and protect her… even Slider, the closed off biker man.

Cora finds a job, security and a home where she can hope again. She unburdens herself from her secrets and Slider is there to support her and care for her. Slider’s walls crack under Cora’s sunny attitude and he is given a second chance to live and love.

Both characters are amazing. Cora is funny, compassionate and has great humor. She is so open with her feelings and the best caregiver. She loves Slider and his sons without reservations and she is such a sweetheart. Slider might appear gruff in the beginning but the man hides a selfless heart. He is loyal, honorable and kind.

Slider’s sons are a great addition to the story. They unlock all the feelings and you will laugh and cry with their attitude. Also, single dads in romance are so attractive and you cannot not get attached to them.

The Raven Riders are once again there to help the couple and they work as friends and family and that’s amazing!

Laura Kaye writes MC books but don’t expect the usual. This is a love story that will touch you and excite you! I cannot wait for more stories of their members!

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