New Review- The One You Can’t Forget by Roni Loren

Roni Loren started this series with a bang and it continues with another great addition! The One You Can’t Forget is a heartwarming  story about healing, second chances and finding yourself.

Rebecca has survived a school shooting but her life has stopped as her nightmares and her ghosts are haunting her. She is a dedicated lawyer, she is devoted to her work and helping her father but she has lost her passion. When an unfortunate incident happens and a beautiful stranger saves her, something in her wakes up. She finally finds a reason to go on but she has to face her demons.

Wes has lost everything; his restaurant, his reputation as a great chef and all his money. His ex wife has destroyed him with the help of Rebecca, the lawyer with the steel  of confidence. When he helps her, he soon realizes that behind the strong girl, there is someone who craves love.

There is attraction from the start but they both have to fight for their relationship to work. Their chemistry is sizzling and they are perfect for each other. They find themselves through love.

Rebecca might appear as sassy and a little cold but it’s all a facade. She just wants to be accepted and respected. She has a secret that smothers her spirit but with Wes she discovers her purpose and the power to move on.

Wes is a man a little lost and bitter but soon you can see his fun and flirty attitude. It is amazing seeing standing again on his feet and finding his strength. The will to help poor kids makes him likeable and admirable.

The story is sweet and sexy . It’s a little heartbreaking at times but everything works in the end.

Roni Loren has found a new fan and the blurb of the following story makes me crave it! Don’t miss this series!

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