New Review- The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang wrote her debut book The Kissing Quotient and let me tell you that it’s sweet, heartwarming and steamy. This is a story unique and refreshing with an adorable couple.

Stella is a genius in math and econometrics but being an autistic person makes her social life a little difficult. When her mom starts asking for grandkids she is forced to ask for help. What better solution than hiring an escort to teach her about intimacy?

Michael has left his dreams to help his family. When a beautiful girl asks for some lessons, he cannot resist her but he soon realizes that she can steal his heart.

I loved how their relationship progressed throughout the book. There are sexy scenes from the start but you can see that it’s more than a contract. There is this respect between them and the will to explore each other. I liked seeing them experimenting and finding their norm inside and outside of the bedroom.

Stella is a brutally honest girl, strong and although she struggles socially because of her autism, she is relatable. She might process some things differently but she is a kind girl that cares deeply. I loved that she is straight forward without playing games and when she realizes her mistakes, she does the right thing. Also, I admired that she stayed true to herself and never changed even for love. She just opened up and showed more of her hidden self.

Michael is a man that knows what to do inside the bedroom but although he is confident in this department, he has sensitivities and vulnerabilities. I don’t usually like romance with escorts but in this book you never see him as a professional. He is just a lost boy that would do anything for his family. I think his best personality trait was how in tune was with Stella and her wants. He never made her feel less and you could see how much he wanted her and admired her. Also, being born into a Vietnamese family, it was beautiful seeing the interactions between him and his family members.

As this author has been diagnosed with Asperger’s as the heroine, the writing flows and the characters are well written. There is a staccato vibe with no unnecessary  fanfare.

It’s always a pleasure finding new authors and Helen Hoang is a writer that I will definitely follow from now on. She did everything right that makes you want to read more by her. I cannot wait to see what else she is going to write.

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