New Review- Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen

Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen is a classical rock star romance with a famous bad boy of music and a girl that will inspire him! This book has angst, hotness and a couple that has declared war until it surrenders to love.

Indigo is at a stage of her life that she will do anything to save her family. She desperately needs money and a job and when she is offered to babysit a rockstar that has just gotten out of rehab, she cannot refuse.

Alex is feeling betrayed by everyone. He is used by the music industry and he can trust no one. He has used drugs, alcohol and women to get over the pressure but when he cleans from all his bad habits, he feels suffocated. He definitely doesn’t need a quirky girl to guard his every move.

What starts as a game of wills soon becomes an explosive relationship. There is an unexpected friendship, an understanding between these two and a love that sizzles. There is a sexual tension burning and an antagonism that puts them on fire.

Indigo has innocence in her but she is not naïve. She is sassy, honest and feisty. Alex is   cynical, rude and arrogant but his painful experience has made him like this. He is a man that is closed off because he feels alone against the world.

L.J. Shen writes beautifully and her lyrics are great. I love her writing and although this is a long book I wasn’t tired of it.

There are some things I could not justify in this book. Alex wants Indigo from the start as a conquest as he is devoted to his ex girlfriend. He tells her again and again and that’s why I cannot understand how quickly he overcomes his obsession with his ex. Also, there is a plot twist at the end that seems farfetched for me and all the explanations about the attitude of the secondary characters fell flat.

This author knows how to write delicious, redeemable spoiled alpha males and if you like dramatic stories, this book will rock your world. I didn’t love this story like Vicious which is one of my favorite books, but you will certainly go on a thrilling ride.

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