New Review- More than Words by Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan is one of my favorite authors. Sometimes I love her books, sometimes I like them a lot but one thing is certain. She has the ability to write stories that somehow touch my heartstrings. I think she is pouring her soul to the pages and More than Words is another example of this, as I was left feeling emotional and with my face on tears.

Jessica and Callen have connected since they were young kids but lost each other. Fate though brings them back together but the ghosts of their past still haunt them. They are destined to be together but they have so many things to overcome. They can save each other but they have to save themselves first.

I was mesmerized by the beginning of this book. It was the perfect start of a love story and the prelude of a touching book. Somewhere in the middle the couple lost me a little but the end took it once again higher in my eyes.

Jessica is a kind, caring girl and I loved her innocence. Her job as a translator of old writings brought forward a secondary love story that I adored. There were some similarities between the two and I found myself investing on the happiness of the other couple. She was passionate about her findings and I adored that she kept her integrity throughout the book and was not afraid to speak up.

Callen is a tortured hero. He is like a wounded animal who hurts the others out of fear. He is always reminding Jessica that he is not right for her , something I understand because of his dark past, but he does some things that are harsher than I want. He is a bit self destructive but the end brings a hopeful end to their story.

I have to admit that this book has a spiritual vibe. It has some strong messages about God, Fate and where our personal choices lead us. It will definitely make you think deeper.

More than Words is certainly living up to its name. This is a story beyond the words on page, a book above a love affair. It’s a book that will affect your mind and your heart!

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