New Review- Hate Story by Nicole Williams

I have read many books from this author and I am amazed to see the diversity of her books. I am used to reading dramatic books from Nicole Williams that will make your heart hurt but this book is fun, entertaining and easygoing.

Nina never expected to sell herself for marriage, but in order not to lose her grandmother’s home, she is desperate for money and she will do everything; even if that means  marrying  the handsome rich stranger.

Max desperately needs a green card so as to stay in the USA. He is a great businessman and his whole life is in this country and he has to do anything to make his dreams come true; even if that means marrying a witty, colorful girl.

It is simple. No feelings, no emotions, no love. Just a marriage of convenience that is based on logic, reason, caution and maybe friendship.

Max is a wonderful hero. He is smart, easy to smile and committed to Nina. He likes to make Nina his but he is understanding about her insecurities. Although, this book made me think at the beginning that Max would be arrogant and selfish, in no way he is that. He is afraid to love because he is hurt at his past, but as the story progresses he is the first to admit his attraction and his love for her. She is his sanctuary and his war zone.

Nina on the other hand is a girl of contradictions. She has a sharp wit, but she is innocent in so many ways. She pushes him, but at the same time she wants him. She is afraid to have feelings for Max, because she was abandoned by her family and she is terrified to get hurt. She is an “Ice Queen” hiding a scared little girl inside her heart.

I have to say that I loved the beginning of this book. Their witty exchanges are hilarious and they are like oil and water. They like to challenge each other and I would have loved if the progression from hate to love was smoother.  The second part of this book lost me a little, because the drama caused by his family and ex were a little over the top. Also, Nina’s self destruction was not so logical to me.  I think she could have solved her issues better with Max than without him.

No matter those issues I had with this book, I had fun reading it and if you like convenience marriages turned into love stories, then you can give this a try!

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