New Review- Hail Mary by Nicola Rendell

When I started this book blindly, I didn’t know where this story was going. I was ready to move onto another one, because there was a quick sexual relationship from the start, but something kept me going and I am so glad I did.

Jimmy is famous. He is after all the first quarterback and the captain of his team. When a woman in pink literally knocks him out without recognizing him, he will do anything to date her and take her to bed.

Mary has knocked out many men in the gym, but it’s the first time she wants to give mouth to mouth to the passed out man. When he starts pursuing her, she is happy to have a little bit of fun on the sheets.

They both realize quickly that they have so much in common. As their sexual chemistry  progresses, they soon find out that they are meant for each other.

Although, I was reluctant at the beginning of this book, I saw that this story was not just only about the sex as I feared. Jimmy is a great male hero. He is sensitive, romantic and ready to settle down. He has a sweet spot for his niece, something that will make you love him more. Mary is funny, supportive and strong. She gets over her fears and she comes out a winner.

This is an insta-love book with some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read and in the end, you will root for this couple and their happily ever after.

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