New Review- The Only One by Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely is one of my to go authors if I want quick, sexy, fun stories and this novella is a perfect example of that.

Penny has always remembered her three-day affair with Gabriel under the Spanish sky. He stole her heart ten years ago and then stomped it when he stood her up. The only problem is that she has to face him again, as she needs his help for her charity. When she sees him, all her feelings are back , but the playboy chef doesn’t even recognize her. So she wants him to take her little revenge, to make him grovel, to forget his amazing food and his panty-melting grin.

Gabriel might be known as the heartbreaker chef but he has not forgotten the passionate time he had with the sweet girl ten years ago. When he meets the sexy woman, the past collides with the present but she refuses that they know each other.

I loved both characters. Gabriel is confident, charming, with a great sex appeal and Penny is an everyday girl, teasing and playful. She intrigues him and he wants to possess her.Their relationship is sensual, he sets her skin on fire and he makes her heart hammer. They were meant to find each other again like it was written by fate.

I have to say that Lauren always writes the best puppy scenes. They are like secondary characters and steal the show with their cuteness and let me tell you that the heroine has the most adorable dog.

So, I am ending this review saying that if you want a sexy, sweet short story, then this novella is ideal for you!

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