New Review- Womanizer by Katy Evans

After Saint and Tahoe, the playboys from the previous books, now it’s Callan’s turn to fall in love. Will he surrender to love?!

Livvy is ready to conquer her goals. She wants to be the best in business and Callan, her brother’s best friend, gives her a chance to intern. Callan is known as a ruthless, hardworking businessman and his company is perfect for her learning the tricks.

After she moves to Chicago, leaving her family behind, she is determined to do her job perfectly,but she feels lonely. When she meets the Hot Smoker Guy in her job’s terrace, she finds a friend in him.

Their daily meetings soon bring an unbearable want and they find themselves sharing a bed. The only problem is that the sexy stranger is Callan, her boss and her brother’s friend.

Livvy cannot resist his easy confidence and his male strength. There is this hunger that nothing can stop it. He keeps her on her toes and  pushes her and she makes him crazed and unhinged.

I really liked Callan. He is smart, respectful , admirable. I loved that he wanted to help her learn and though , he is great at his job , he doesn’t appear arrogant. He seems to have fallen easily and he doesn’t really resist to Livvy’s charms.

Livvy is impulsive,  naughty, but focused on her goals. I found her sometimes naive and all her inner dialogue didn’t always help her character. She has the innocence and immaturity of her age.

Their relationship is more carnal and sensual and it becomes more towards the end. I would have loved to see Callan’s point of view more often, as it is based on Livvy’s thoughts and it seems more as a first crush than real love.

Nonetheless, this is a quick, hot story low on angst and more focused on their sexy times. I didn’t love it as the previous ones of this series, but I still liked it. Hopefully, the next book will be once again on my top favorites!

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