New Review- Rock Chick Reawakening by Kristen Ashley

If you love Kristen Ashley, then this book is a gift for all you fans! It has the special “Kristen” vibe with the amazing alpha hero and the sassy rock chick!

If you are new to the “Rock Chick” series, don’t worry; this book can be read as a standalone. If though you have read and loved all these books like me, then this long-awaited story of Marcus and Daisy will leave you satisfied!

Daisy has lived a hard, difficult life but not once does she lose her good heart. She is honest, hardworking, proud and with a soul so kind. She might be a stripper but Marcus, the ruthless businessman sees the woman behind the big hair and the unique sense of style.

We all have loved Daisy from the previous books, but her story makes us love her and admire her more. She might have been mistreated, but she is innocent in her core. She always speaks her mind, but her sensitivities steal our hearts.

Marcus is the perfect male hero. Kristen Ashley always writes the best heroes and Marcus is a man protective, caring, bossy but respectful. He is a crime boss but towards Daisy the man is patient and dedicated. He comforts her and loves her with his whole heart.

Their relationship is sweet filled with so much love that will make you swoon!

This is an amazing novella that brings this great series to a hopeful end with an epilogue that will make you sigh! As for you, fellow fans, Rock On!

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