New Review- Tempt by Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow ends this series with the most scorching hot story! Not only does this couple tempt us but they also burn the pages with their passion and forbidden love.

Millie is a wedding planner that wants a man to be there for her, a happily ever after and a family of her own. Unfortunately, she is a little unlucky in love. When her sister dares her to take some risks while in a trip in New York, she has the best sex of her life with an older Navy Seal who a gentleman in the streets but a beast in the sheets! It’s only a one-night stand, what can go wrong?!

Millie gets back to her life but her thoughts are daily in the sexy man. When she realizes that the man is the father of the groom who happens to be her ex, everything becomes complicated.

Their relationship must stop but their attraction cannot be denied. They agree to have some fun in secret and put an end to this affair, but the devil on their shoulders is whispering tempting things.

Millie is the first plus size heroine in Melanie’s books and I loved seeing her confidence, her strength and her will to make a difference. Zach is a closed off man, a little gruff but his older age shows his experience. He is one of the sexiest heroes of this author with a dirty mouth that will make your cheeks pink! I admired the fact that when he learns that he has a grown up son, he is not perfect. The author does not idolize him and he is more realistic that way and more likeable.

I also love Millie’s family and seeing how everyone is moving on with their lives. Also, if you are a fan of Corinne Michaels’ books, there is a treat for you!

If you want a romance story with age gap, angst and much spice, then you should indulge in this temptation and buy this book!

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