New Review- Darkness Matters by Jay McLean

Jay McLean always gives us books full of feelings, angst and humor but this story is so different. It’s raw, beautiful and emotional! It’s like she has squeezed her heart and all her deep emotions poured over the pages. Just a few pages, but with so great meanings…

I went into this book blindly so I want you to feel too all the struggles, all the words, all the layers of the characters. This is a story about people broken that live in sorrow, regrets and darkness. When there is darkness though there is always light and although this book will make you cry, in the end hope and love wins.

When you think that the story goes one way suddenly this author blindsides you with twists and turns that will surprise you. I think this book won’t be for everyone. If you expect the usual romance, flowers and love, then this story won’t be for you. Jay broaches many heavy subjects but she treats them with care and sensitivity.

This is not your typical romantic book and it is beautifully painful.  It’s powerful, intense and so raw. It’s a story of tragedy, despair and it will provoke all your feelings. I think this story is born from the need of the author to bare her soul. It’s a life lesson, a push to look inside you and around you. Darkness matters because all the black thoughts, sad memories and tears make you who you are. It just means that you are alive and you have to see beyond the heartbreak to find love.

This book matters because it will change you! Just try it because these words are real and even if one person will think and relate and believe that he matters, then what more do you want from a book?!

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