New Review- Stay by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy are back and this fantastic duo is ready to offer you an amazing time with this book! This is a sweet, adorable read that will make your heart feel lighter!

Matt be a successful hockey player but he knows that his job and relationships cannot co-exist! All his time is devoted to hockey and he is trying to balance his family and playing. His marriage is ruined and the only thing bright in his life is his daughters and a sassy stranger.

Hailey is still burnt by her divorce and some online flirting with her favorite client brings some joy into her life. As a co-owner of a virtual assistant service, it’s her duty to fullfill all Matt’s needs but in her case business and pleasure can mix!

Their relationship starts long before they meet and their pace into getting together is so believable and real. Both Matt and Hailey are hurt by their past partners and I love that they move with caution but also maturity into starting something new. They work so well together and there is not unnecessary drama. They have insecurities and flaws but they overcome all their problems as a team.

Matt is not the usual hockey player that flirts and plays with many women. He is devoted to his family, his dog and his work. He is kind, decisive and the man shows respect to everyone. He is a true gentleman. Hailey on the other hand is so close to the everyday woman. She is independent, strong but she doesn’t lack all these dark thoughts that trouble all girls going through life.

This book is fun, sexy and I admire how much realistic it is. The characters are cute, generous with their feelings and know what they know from life.

These two authors play with their themes in every book but they do it successfully. This book is a great addition to this series and once again they show us that they are an unbeatable duo! I cannot wait for the next story that promises angst and sexiness!

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