New Review- Final Siege by Scarlett Cole

Scarlett Cole is one of my favorite authors in contemporary romance and now she ventures in romantic suspense. Final Siege is a book full of adventure and love born in the midst of non-stop action!

Mac is devoted to Eagle Securities which he has created with his navy brothers. He is not afraid to take jobs in the most dangerous places and nothing can disturb his calmness except his painful past. When he receives an unexpected call from Delaney, the love of his life that got away, he cannot refuse to give his help even if that means bringing his life upside down.

Delaney has left everything behind chasing all the dirty secrets as an investigative journalist. When she is ready to expose an arms dealer, she is not safe anymore and the only one who can protect her is Mac. She has never forgotten her first love but she cannot forgive him for his role in her brother’s death.

Danger brings these two closer and they soon see that the fire still burns and their love and attraction is still sizzling. Can they forget their past and move forward?

Mac is a wonderful hero. He is thoughtful, loyal and hardworking. He has a commanding presence and he will do anything to protect Delaney. I loved that he doesn’t hide his feelings and he shows his vulnerabilities to her. He admits his love, his regrets and his fears.

Delaney is an independent, strong girl. She has work ethics and she will do anything to help the greater good. I found her sometimes a little stubborn and I wish she could have listened sooner what Mac had to say. I understand her reluctance to learn the truth about her brother’s death because she is in pain but I would have liked to solve their misunderstandings earlier in the story. Also, she might be independent but sometimes you just need to accept the help if needed and she fights him in every turn.

When these two have scenes just the two of them speaking about their feelings or burning the sheets, the story is delicious. When there are the politics and the details of Delaney’s investigation, I found myself wanting to skip them and go directly to the action.

Scarlett Cole knows how to write characters full of emotions and Mac and Delaney will keep your attention. Final Siege is a book packed with suspense and heat and it might be not be my favorite one by this author, but if you are romantic suspense fans, this story will hold you captive!

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