New Review- Bad at Love by Karina Halle

Bad at Love by Karina Halle is a sweet as honey friends to lovers story that will warm your heart! This book is funny, light but without missing the emotional punch you need to fall in love with the characters.

Laz is a man that changes his girlfriends every few months and the only constant in his life is Marina, his best friend. He has his passion in writing poems but he keeps himself guarded and his true feelings hidden.

Marina on the other hand wants to get into a relationship but her nerves always get in the way.

When Laz suggests to fake date so they can change their mistakes, they soon realize that if you find your right kind of weirdo, things are much easier but also more complicated.

I have to say that I struggled with this story at the beginning but I am so happy I continued because these two evolved so much. This couple has to go through much and this makes them stronger. Although, they are best friends ,their bond comes later and when they truly open their hearts, you feel so much for them.

Laz is a broody, intense guy but you can see that behind the tattooed strong man hides a person full of fears. He is afraid of rejection and being left behind. Although, I wanted to shake him sometimes, the things he made for Marina showed how much he loved her.

Marina on the other hand is such an open and kind girl. When I started this story I found her a little quirky but slowly she earned my respect. I couldn’t understand her “dating” moves at first and that made me almost stop reading but I found out that later on she was the honest and brave one in the relationship. Also, she is a beekeeper and that made her even more interesting.

These two might have been best friends but their feelings have always been deeper. Their attraction is there sizzling from page one and you will certainly enjoy this bee-utiful story until the end!

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