New Review- Singe by Aly Martinez

Aly Martinez never disappoints with her fast paced, sexy books and Singe is fantastic in every way!

Jude was just a new police officer when he failed to save a girl. His nightmares are full of pain and his life filled with regret and guilt. The image of the hurt girl chases him no matter that the years have passed and he cannot get over the ghost of his past. When he starts a new job as a security guard in Guardian Protection Agency, he doesn’t expect his past to collide with the present. His regrets are mixed with hope when a beautiful woman promises him a new future.

Rhion has no family to be there for her. The agents of Guardian Protection and her best friend are the only she can depend on. After painful events have haunted her life, she is isolated in a world of loneliness until the man of her dreams appears there to save her. Jude is everything she has imagined but her perfect man is a little lost in his guilt and she will do anything to have his heart.

I loved both characters and I have to say it is one of the few times I fell in love with the heroine more than the hero. Rhion is a positive, courageous, strong woman. She carries her scars of her past proudly and she is always quirky, funny and sassy. Her humor is one of her most adorable assets and she will definitely make you laugh with her interactions with the guys. Jude on the other hand is a bit more closed off. He guards his feelings because he cannot let go of what he has gone through. He feels responsible for everything bad that happened and this ruins his chance for happiness. Although, he cannot free his soul so easily, he still is a man serious, protective and caring.

Their relationship is filled with sexy scenes but also romantic ones. Rhion shows her love openly and Jude is more reluctant but he is there for her from the beginning. They balance each other and when one is afraid the other is there for support.

Also, this author has a talent for amazing secondary characters making you crave more books. These agents are sexy but hilarious with their banter and each one can be a future hero.

The writing flows easily and you suddenly reach to the end hoping for more pages!

If you need a book hot, romantic, funny then Singe is perfect for you, as it  will leave you with a heart burning for this world!

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