New Review- The Real by Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart has become one of my top favorite authors and this book lived up  to its name. It’s a romance story real, raw and emotional. A sweet love story between two people that are imperfect but at the same time perfect for each other.

Abbie has been living in fear and been a little paranoid for the last year. She is distrustful especially towards men but one little message in her laptop and a big smile by a stranger sitting opposite her in a coffee shop makes her want to try for more.

What starts as a flirt from afar becomes everything they both want and need. Cameron is the perfect gentleman who respects her and makes her crave more. They both have pasts they don’t want to share but these secrets can hurt them more. Will their love be bigger than the painful lies?

Abbie is a little quirky, a smart and kind girl. I loved her altruistic behavior and her sassy side. Cameron is caring, romantic and has the most delicious dirty mouth. His story broke me and I wanted to hug him.

Their relationship starts perfectly with fun encounters and discussions and romantic gestures that will make you sigh. But as the title suggests their life is real and not ideal and when the shoe drops you get hurt with them. I had been enjoying their relationship so much but I had this fear that everything would be ruined and the twist was everything I expected but didn’t want.

The funny thing is that although I didn’t like their secrets , the characters were more believable afterwards. I cried with what happened and although my heart got bruised , their story became deeper and with more impact.  Nobody is perfect and this book has a hero and a heroine that are not idolized but truly humanized.

The secondary characters were amazing and I am wondering and wishing to see more of them.

The Real is a story that has some elements that I don’t generally like but ended up in touching me wholeheartedly. This is a book that will certainly stay within my thoughts…

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