New Review- Next Time I Fall by Scarlett Cole

Next Time I Fall by Scarlett Cole is a rockstar romance about redemption, family and love!

If you have read the first book of this series, then you know about the bad boy of rock, Jase. He is a man angry at the world who always runs away from troubles and when he is in, he ignites. Many might have hated his character but I could see the hurt in him and Scarlett redeems him unexpectedly well.

Jase is the vocalist in his band and when they sign a contract, they move to US to start recording. He has to move on from the anger towards his brother that slept with the woman he fell for as also from the hurt of his past. What does this “dark cloud” of a man need? A little bit of sunshine and Cerys is all that and more.

Cerys never knew her father but when she needs a mentor for her work, she moves to Detroit as he is the best producer. He likes Jase’s face from the start but the man screams trouble. When they spend though a weekend together, she can see that there is more in him than the fights and the shouts.

I rooted for this couple from the beginning! I did not expect to see this whole change in Jase’s attitude but the man hid a pure romantic. Cerys helps him fight his demons and they encourage each other. I loved their honesty and passion, the fun banter between them as also the heartwarming feelings.

One thing I also admire is Scarlett’s writing. I love seeing the couple’s journey and the family dynamics. She knows how to show the process of falling in love and the maturity of the characters despite their faults always gets me.

I could not put down this book and I am already ready for the next story about Luke!

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