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Rule started our love for this world and Salvaged is the perfect, emotional , bittersweet end to one of the most amazing series! Jay Crownover has given us everything; drama, adventure, suspense, thieves, heartbreakers, mafia men but kept the best for this one! She starts the book by saying that she is used to writing hard and not soft but let me tell you, I loved this side of hers!!!

If you have followed this series, I am sure that you have rooted from the start for the scared girl, Poppy and the hurt mechanic, Wheeler. This story is truly a gift from the author to her fans and she gave all herself to these two.

Poppy has only known pain from the men in her life. She is scarred, afraid to move on and she cannot trust anyone. She doesn’t allow physical contact and her walls are up to protect her heart and her body. She is fragile and breakable but the time has come to show that she is a survivor and not a victim with the help of a kind man.

Wheeler is confused and heartbroken. His fiancée has left him and he has a baby on the way. His life has turned upside down and he feels lonely. He needs to love and to be loved and the girl with the sad eyes speaks to his heart.

Together they will repair their broken parts and they will hope for a brighter future. Their love is sweet, heartwarming, passionate and so full of emotions. This is a journey of healing and love that will touch you deeply. They grow together and their story is full of strength and salvation.

What can I say about these two characters? They are just perfect! Poppy is a fighter and despite what she has been through, she doesn’t give up but she rises from the ashes. She is lovely, optimistic and she bloomed throughout the book. Wheeler on the other hand is a true gentleman. He is caring, compassionate and a decent guy. He is a modern knight ready to save and protect his lady.

This author never disappoints me with her books but this story really played with my heartstrings. This story is about love and hope and it is a hymn to those who search for their happily ever after. Jay Crownover wrote in her dedication that she saved the best hearts for the end and I couldn’t agree more. The only thing I would like to add is that it surely stole my heart too!

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