New Review- Shear Heaven by Katy Regnery

*This is part of the Royally Mine Anthology

I love fairytale retellings and Katy Regnery is one of my favorite authors who write them. Not only that but Shear Heaven has references to Rapunzel, a story I adore. This book gave me the same warm feelings. It’s sweet, refreshing and the characters so adorable together.

Bella is a hairstylist and being under the strict guidance of her godmother, she has only known work. When she meets unexpectedly an Italian Prince, Nico, her life turns upside down and she finds some color in her dull life.

Nico has some duties as a Prince. He has to marry someone he doesn’t really know without complaint. After all his family is depending on him. When though a beautiful girl saves his and his sister’s day, he cannot stay away. There is something innocent in this woman that makes him see the world with a fresh eye.

This story is so heartwarming and romantic. Although, I dislike short stories as there is always something missing, this one is so fulfilling. Katy writes so effortlessly that even love from the start sounds believable. Bella is a girl that doesn’t give up, she has a softness in her and she enjoys everything wholeheartedly. Nico on the other hand is a man that knows how to pursue a woman without lacking a sensitive side. I also loved that they speak Italian, a language so romantic.

If you like fairytales , you should definitely read this story and her whole series! This book will definitely leave you smiling and happy. There is purity and love in this world and it will leave you wanting to twirl and sing. This is such a magical story… I loved it!!!

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