New Review- More of You by AL. Jackson

I have been completely captivated by A.L. Jackson’s books from the beginning and with every story she writes I fall more and more in love with her words. More of You is a second chance romance that will touch your soul.

Jace and Faith had met when they were teenagers and their hearts connected instantly. Jace was poor, a boy with no hope for the future until he met Faith and he gave him that; she believed in him. He promised her that they would be forever together but then left her heartbroken.

Now, ten years, later Faith has lost almost everything and Jace is back to steal once again her heart but secrets are threatening their happiness.

I loved how this story unfolded. The scenes from the past were meaningful and deep and you can see that these two were destined to be together. Add in the mix the element of suspense and the story got even more unstoppable and exciting.

Jace is the perfect broken hero. He is a beast of a man that has heart of gold. I admire his protectiveness and the love he has for those he cares about. He is strong and resilient but when he shows his vulnerabilities, the man will steal your heart.

Faith is a woman openhearted and honest. She doesn’t lose her innocence and her dreams. It is really touching that she sees Jace’s soul from the start and she never judges him, on the contrary she uplifts him.

This author’s writing is always filled with heart and soul. Her words are poetic and the feelings poor from the pages. The story is passionate and powerful.

More of You is a story about forgiveness, faith, friendship, family and on the center of all love. A.L. Jackson is an author that I trust blindly to give me good books and this one doesn’t disappoint!

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