New Review- Shimmy Bang Sparkle by Nicola Rendell

Nicola Rendell knows how to write adorable, sweet and sexy stories with likeable characters and the added bonus; entertaining dogs. Shimmy Bang Sparkle has all that and an original setting that makes it unique.

Nick has just gotten out of prison and he is ready to start over but a little bombshell thief steals his attention and his heart. He is willing to take the risk despite the danger of going back to a cell because the dark beauty promises a future.

Stella has a plan; steal an expensive diamond, leave the poverty behind and make her dreams come true. That doesn’t include a sexy, tattooed ex convict but she needs his help and she just plainly needs him…

These two are hot for each other from the start and we are sucked into their adventure. Their relationship is straight forward with no drama and in its core there is romance. They really like each other and it shows. They bond a little quickly for my taste  and it is an insta love relationship  but they are so sweet together.

The idea of being two thieves is original although I would have liked for the story to be a little tighter. The addition of a little dog is always a bonus and I love how this author includes pets as side characters. Stella’s roommates are interesting enough to want to know their stories so I wouldn’t say no to books about them.

Nicola Rendell once again wrote a story that will definitely entertain you! These two thieves along with their dog might steal a piece of your heart with their adorable love story!

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