New Review- Melt for You by J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger just melted my heart! This story had me giggling like a little girl, swooning and it’s one of the funniest and sweetest books I have read this year! The first part of it made me laugh uncontrollably and then I fell in love with its delicious characters.

Joellen is an “ugly duckling”. She hides behind hideous clothes, she is quiet like a mouse at her job and her only friends are an old woman and her cat. Enter Michael, her irresistible boss and  unrequited love has her name beside its definition.

When an obnoxious, loud and half naked neighbor moves across the hall, her life is turned upside down. The man not only provokes her with his bad taste in music but also with his endless abs and his Scottish kilts. He spreads in her life like a bad disease but he has an offer she can’t refuse; helping her nail the boss.

What starts as an agreement slowly becomes friendship and the game of seduction tangles them in a relationship full of love.

This is a slow burn romance that will certainly make you giddy and frustrate you a little bit. Joellen is a sassy girl that hides an explosive, snarky personality. I loved her sarcastic humor and her smart, prickly personality that you will entertain you. I found also myself connecting with her in a deeper level with her insecurities about her body image. I don’t think there is a woman that doesn’t degrade herself and I admired how much she changed throughout the book by loving firstly herself. My only complaint was that she was completely oblivious to the hero’s feelings until the end. I wanted to shout at her to open her eyes and see the goodness in front of her.

Cameron is the perfect hero! I loved him from the beginning!  He is sexy, adorable and understanding. He is caring and behind his cute exposition , he is a man serious with sensitivity and a painful past. He shares his feelings wholeheartedly and you just want to push them together so they can have their happily ever after. He is one of the most irresistible heroes I have ever read.

After reading and loving “Burn for You” and now “Melt for You” I can definitely say that this has become one of my favorite series! If I could read every day this author’s books, I would be a happy girl! I cannot wait for more!!!

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