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51bh0jsbuql-_sy346_I have seen this book on social media and I knew it was by a debut author but I couldn’t resist the beautiful cover. I was drawn to it and I gave it a shot. I love discovering new authors and this one promises good stories to come.

This is a story full of angst, heartbreak, sorrow and love. It is not always easy to read it but the emotions poor from the pages.

Ainsley lives with her mother and her little cousin and spends her time doing things full of life and laughter.When she was only a little girl, she met the cute neighbor and their lives entwined forever. Time passes and we see the bond that blooms binding them all three.

Ainsley is in love with the cute boy and so is he, but her little cousin having been left by her mother has a connection to this boy also. Ainsley would do anything for her family, even denying the love of her life. As her little cousin, Loralie becomes a troubled teenager, Ainsley is torn between doing the right thing and protect her or getting herself free to love. Their love between Ainsley and Adrian though is stronger and their attraction cannot be fought.

When tragedy strikes, Ainsley runs leaving behind those she loves. The hurt chases her through the years and after four years, she has to go back home and face the love she left behind.

Ainsley was an easy character to like as kid. She was active, full of mischief and so supportive of her family and Adrian. She was always there for them. As she got older, I was sad that she was so broken that she left everything behind. She was depressed and couldn’t appreciate clearly all the love Adrian gave her. I understood her pain but I didn’t like how much she hurt him.

Adrian on the other hand was a cute boy that became a talented man. He was always clear about his feelings for Ainsley and even after four years, he was hurt but he had given all his heart to his girl.

I loved the beginning and the end of their story . It started so great and finished so romantically. As their story is full of angst, I would have loved to see more scenes between the couple that intensified their love relationship. The author passed fast forward the time and I missed the quiet times between them as boyfriend and girlfriend. They just jumped from friendship to lovers. Nonetheless , I felt their deep connection, I would just prefer not to see them hurt all the time.

I really liked the secondary characters, Ainsley’s family and friends.Loralei was a tormented soul, you wanted to hug and save the little girl and Ainsley’s friends gave the story a humorous aspect.

I think this book as a great start for a new author and if you want a story that will clench your heart and you love angst, grab this book.


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