New Review- Wild Like the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley is not for everyone but for those who love her, this is a story that you want to read! This book will take you on a sexy and emotional ride!

Keely has lost her husband, she has to raise two sons and she is never lonely. Her husband’s MC club has always been there for her to support her, especially Hound. Sometimes though she doesn’t want to be seen as a mom or a widow, she wants to be seen as a woman and if Hound won’t claim her, she will claim him.

Hound is a brawler, a hitter, a killer but his heart beats for Keely. He has been in love with her for almost two decades but he is afraid to step on the toes of her late husband. His club has his loyalty but after all this time Keely is hard to resist.

Their relationship starts as deeply sexual and this book is really sweet and sensual. They belong to each other but they have to leave the ghosts and move forward.

Keely is a strong woman, independent and sassy. She is fierce, a lioness and a great mom. Hound is nothing I expected. He is alpha all the way but he has a softer side that will surprise you. He is tender, caring and loyal.

Kristen Ashley’s writing is really unique and although she is not everyone’s cup of tea , I admire that she has her own distinctive voice. She is the queen of alpha males and smart heroines and she always writes about friendship and family and this book has all of these.

Wild like the Wind is the perfect addition to this great series and this author promises in the end another book coming that sounds really exciting. Did I tell you that it’s going to be the last one? True fans are certainly going to miss this series but until then enjoy this book!

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