New Review- The Rivalry by Nikki Sloane

I had not read anything by Nikki Sloane before but sports romance is a genre I love, so I could not miss this book. This story is fun, light and fast paced.

Kayla and Jay meet at a wedding and sparkles fly. The only problem is that Kayla is a cheerleader for Ohio and Jay a football player for Michigan and let me tell you these two schools hate each other. Can their attraction overcome the rivalry?

I have a confession to make… Being international, I have no idea about American football. I don’t know any teams, the rules or the passion the fans have for their teams. I cannot completely understand the hate between the teams this book is about but the characters are entertaining so you get engrossed in the story.

Jay is a fantastic hero. He is solid and logical. I love that he chases his girl and he doesn’t give up easily. He is charming and sweet. He is persistent and sexy. He gives his time and his whole attention to Kayla and I adore that he is so clean cut. No drama from him.

Now Kayla is entirely different. She lives and breathes for her team. Her parents have raised her to be crazy for Ohio, so she is scared to be with Jay. She is cute and sassy. Throughout the book she is a little eccentric and fanatic for her team but I love that she changes in the name of love. Although, I cannot fathom the idea of this rivalry, it is entertaining to see that the girl is so over the top and the man is more humble.

Their relationship is fun and hot! These two click completely and you can see that they are perfect match inside and outside of the bedroom as long as they keep their teams out of it. It’s nice to find that they put in the end their relationship higher than anything else.

This might be my first Nikki Sloane book but it won’t be the last. If you are fans of new adult romance and you love sports, this story is for you! It’s steamy, funny and well written, so prepare to have the best time!

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