New Review- Tinsel by Devney Perry

Another great series by Devney Perry comes to an end and although I am sad to see these characters go, I am always excited to see what’s next. Tinsel is the last book in the series and I have to admit this was the hardest to read. Not because I doubted the couple’s love but they were them against the world and sometimes even themselves.

Sofia is the princess of the family. She has never worked a day in her life, she is spoiled and has no purpose. When a magazine makes her face the reality of her life , she goes to Montana to lick her wounds. There she is forced to work at a bar and not only she starts to see what she wants to do, she also falls in love with the gruff bartender.

Dakota is torn between the obligation towards his Native American family and community and his freedom. He is ambitious and he wants to prove to his family that he did well and in no way there is room for a woman outside his cycle but Sofia steals his heart.

This couple falls in love quickly but there are so many obstacles to overcome. Their story is not easy and several times I fell sad for them.

Sofia appears naive and clueless in the beginning but you easily change your mind about her. She is just a lonely girl who hasn’t found her passion yet and you can empathize with her. Richness doesn’t bring happiness and she is a fine example of that. I loved how much she changed during the book without losing her kindness and sensitivity.

Dakota is a man serious and although you sometimes feel frustrated about his situation , when you put yourself in to his shoes, you can understand him better.

It’s impossible to choose between family and love, so their relationship has angst. Despite their problems, I liked that they stayed true to their love and they supported each other.

I loved the epilogue of this book as we see all the couples having their happily ever after and it’s a sweet scene perfect for saying goodbye to these amazing characters! Devney Perry has become one of my favorite authors and when I finish a book, I feel excited for her next one!

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