New Review- Red Hot Pursuit by A.L. Jackson

*This story is part of Glamour: Contemporary Fairytale Retellings 

Red Hot Pursuit is the retelling of the Red Riding Hood and Brody, the big bad wolf is ready to devour his little red, Lillith.

I usually avoid short stories because there are not enough pages to connect with the characters but A.L. Jackson is hard to resist! This book is different from her usual author’s style as it’s more about sexiness and banter but you can see glimpses of her heartwarming writing.

This is an enemies to lovers short story, a favorite trope of mine and the male hero is delicious. He is a true wolf, liking the thrill of chasing his girl. He has the best dirty mouth, the irresistible smirk and everything you expect from an alpha man that hunts his prey. Lillith on the other hand is a smart, successful woman but the vulnerabilities of her past make her more caring and afraid to trust.

I loved their back and forth with their messages that are full of humor and innuendo and their sexy scenes are combustible!

Not to forget that the author introduces two of her future heroes from her Fight For Me upcoming series and let me tell you these men sound very promising.

A powerful businessman, a strong heroine, racing hot scenes and amazing flirty banter makes this book truly entertaining. Let the chase begin and allow your mind to run… Now if the other stories is like this one, then this book will be a huge success!

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