New Review- Hold my Breath by Ginger Scott

518szbfg7vlGinger Scott wrote a raw story, a hard one with a hero full of responsibilities and a girl hurt. Nonetheless, in its core, it gave the hope that you can overcome the difficulties of life  and become stronger.

Will has lost everything; his family, his dream as a professional swimmer, the girl he has always loved. He is drowning in his sorrow, he has survivor’s guilt but he has to give a last try to rise from the ashes. He has to do it for her, Maddy, the girl he has in his heart from the beginning.

Maddy is lost in her grief. She has lost the boy she was going to marry. When his brother, Will, comes back , she cannot face him. He reminds her of him and everything she has left behind.

When they are forced to train together, they both remember their past friendship. Will never stopped loving his brother’s girl but he has so many secrets that can hurt her. He cannot though resist being there for her. He was always the one to push her , to challenge her to become the best swimmer, so he is back to help her and maybe help himself.

Maddy has always known in her heart that maybe she chose the wrong brother and now Will is back. Suddenly, her heart starts beating again and she finds hope. Can she give her trust to the boy who survived and became broken?

I loved Will’s character. He is a strong man with a generous soul. He is there to support the others, to help with their burdens. He is selfless and so in love with Maddy. His feelings for her poor from the pages.

Maddy on the other hand is a girl motivated. She knows her goals and chase them. She confronts the troubles and she is not scared. She is a courageous young woman that stands besides Will. She is truly there for him and pushes him to stand for himself.

Their relationship is not easy. They both fight the ghost of Will’s brother and what he’s left behind. They struggle to find their own path and they have many guilt feelings and problems to break through. They fight though better together. They are a united front against anything and their love is larger than all the drama.

Ending my review I have to say that this story is an ode to the real fighters. It’s dedicated to those who hit rock bottom but somehow they rise above the hurt, the fears and become stronger and for that, you have to give this story a try.


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