New Review- The Clover Chapel by Devney Perry

When you read a book by a debut author and love it, you are curious if the second one will bring you the same joy. I have to say that Devney Perry continued her writing journey successfully bringing us a beautiful second chance romance!

One wild night nine years ago brought Nick and Emmeline together. The fate united them as husband and wife but one wrong choice separated them leaving them both broken-hearted.

Almost a decade later, Emmy is not the little girl under her father’s thumb anymore. She is ready for a change and the opportunity of becoming a kindergarten teacher brings her to a small town. Her dream job might bring her to Montana, but her dream man that got away is there to make her stay!

Nick had to make the most difficult sacrifice nine years ago. He left the girl he loved from the first sight for her own safety. He has always regretted his choice and now that his Emmy is there, he won’t waste his second chance!

They both have moved on with their lives but their fire is simmering all these years and ready to ignite once again!

Nick is a perfect alpha hero with the ideal balance between protectiveness and romance. He respects and loves Emmy and if I had to say one word for him that would be devoted. He is generous, kind and affectionate. He does anything in his power to make Emmy trust him again and I loved his loyalty. Also, Nick might be a firefighter but the man is hot!!!

Emmy is a woman smart and witty. She has wealth but she never flaunts it and I loved her helpfulness and her choices as a teacher. She is a loving person and very forgiving.

I have to warn you because of their circumstances and their long separation, they both have moved on with different people and we see Emmy with a new partner. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to give this book a chance. It’s clear that nobody measured up to each other and once they are brought together, there is no cheating and they are completely true to each other.

This book has it all; great characters, cameos from our past favorite people, humor, romance, sexiness and of course the touch of suspense that this author loves! I read it in one sitting and the writing flows so easily.

One book might be luck, but if the second one measures up that screams talent for me and Devney hit it out of the park with this story! The cover of this book has a clover on it and I have to say that it represents me perfectly; finding a new fantastic author is like finding the four leaf clover and with Devney Perry I sure feel like I have found it! I cannot wait for the next story!

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