New Review- Stand by A.L. Jackson

The end of this amazing series has come and I have this bittersweet feeling in my soul! After years of following these books, A.L. Jackson gives us once again a heart-filled story and a promise of a happily ever after for this amazing band!

Zee has always been the calm one in this stormy journey of his band “Sunder”. He is committed to these boys and the success of their music. The thing is nobody knows that guilt and regrets chase him for years. He belongs to his mistakes and the choices he made a long time ago sacrificing his happiness. When his band-mates have found joy, he remains stuck into his past and his brother’s death. He has stopped making wishes for himself until he saves the girl that makes him want again.

Alexis is a bright woman that is not afraid to live but her other half, her twin sister always calls her into darkness. When a man saves her from disaster, she feels connected to him. It’s just like her protection and a part of her is given into his hands.

Everything happens for a reason and fate brings them together to live a love written in the stars. Zee doesn’t believe he deserves his happiness but Alexis is there to help him forgive himself.

I loved both characters. Zee might appear as soft to the previous books but this boy is intense in his quietness. He is vulnerable, sensitive and loyal to the people he loves. You can feel his struggle and his resist to surrender to love but his passion burns brightly for her. Alexis on the other hand is a girl positive, helpful and sweet. Their love is tender and emotional. They just belong to each other but first they have to overcome many obstacles.

As always, this band is like a family and this author creates scenes so powerful. We witness their ups and downs and after all these years of struggles, it’s good to see them all content. I adore that blood doesn’t make people family and these boys and their girls are closer than ever.

What can I say about this author’s talent in writing? Every word is put in this book with purpose. Her words are so lyrical and work as notes that create an emotional song.

This series might have come to an end making me feel sad that I will not read about these boys again but I am happy to see hope and love won. It’s like saying goodbye to friends but with your knowing that they will live happily ever after. We might have closed this chapter but I am sure this author will give us many more and for that, I am so excited!

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