Double Review- Damaged Like Us & Lovers Like Us by Krista and Becca Ritchie

A family of wealthy celebrities, a team of bodyguards that protects them brings a story that will leave you ADDICTED! If you are like me and you are a fan of the dynamic twins, Krista and Becca Ritchie, you will be glad to be back to this world!

Maximoff Hale is the first born of a famous couple so he is used to the stardom and the media. His life is always under the microscope and no mistakes are allowed. That means no dating the bodyguard even if he is his crush from his teenage years.

Farrow has left medicine and he enjoys his job protecting one of the most known families in America. He is a rule breaker but flirting with a client might be dangerous even for him.

The chemistry for these two is hot from the beginning. Maximoff is always the responsible man but he feels lonely and he needs someome to support and love him and Farrow is the most suitable. Farrow sees the person behind the fame and there is understanding between them. I love that they share secrets that nobody else knows and there is trust and care. Their sexual encounters make the sparks flying and their banter is funny and brings more hot tension. Their conversations are like foreplay and there is playfulness and humor without missing the deep moments. I love that they are united against the world and there is no drama without reason.

Maximoff is a man serious, head strong and adores his family. He is open to anyone and he always takes in consideration everyone’s feelings. If you have read the Addicted Series you will so many parts from Loren and Ryke in him. Farrow on the other hand is a daredevil. He cannot be bossed around and he is tough. Although, he doesn’t let many things affect him, he is so loyal and when he falls in love with Maximoff, you can see his respect and his need to protect him.

If you are used to these authors’ writing, you will know that their books are always multidimensional. Maximoff and Farrow is the main couple but there are other characters that don’t work as secondary but they are essential to the story.  It’s a close family full of members and their bodyguards so prepare to be swept away with all their lives.

You can enjoy this series without reading these authors’ other books but trust me The Addicted Series is one of the best I have ever read. I cannot wait for the next book!

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