New Review- Play On by Samantha Young

I still remember the wonder I felt when I discovered Samantha Young after reading On Dublin Street. This book was everything and somehow Play On has the same vibe with it. It’s heartbreaking, full of emotions and a book that will touch your heartstrings.

Nora is a girl stifled by her life in Indiana. Her dreams are big but her reality drowns them until she finds a chance for freedom. Some years later, she might be in Scotland but she is still lost and stuck in world full of grief, guilt and without goals…

Until she meets Aidan; an older, successful music producer. Suddenly, her life turns upside down and she starts hoping again for a better future. She feels alive and their passion ignites them both. Aidan has never met again a girl like her. She might be young but her soul is old and with his own hurt,he finds someone to lean on.

Their story is not full of roses and they have to overcome many obstacles but their love and attraction is more important than everything.

I liked both characters. Aidan is loving but also intense. He is captivating with his alpha ways but also with his sensitive heart. Nora is a fighter. She is struggling but in the end she finds herself. She is stubborn, strong but also vulnerable and caring. They are both imperfect and different but somehow they fit. They connect to each other through their heartbreak.

I have to say that this story is more than a love one. It’s a journey to self discovery and finding your courage and your worth. It’s more about fate and how much you can get through by loving firstly your own flaws.

Samantha Young wrote a book that will definitely PLAY with all your feels. It’s a beautifully charged story about overcoming life’s tragedies and finding the strength to heal, love and live!

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