New Review- A Veil of Vines by Tillie Cole

412ja0z1nylTillie Cole writes different books every time but somehow she steals our hearts with her words. This book is the reason why I started blogging. My heart is bursting after reading this and I want to shout out to everyone my love for this book.

Though there are no kingdoms in Italy, aristocracy remains as also  the arranged marriages.

When Caresa is forced to marry a “Prince” of Italy so as to ensure her family’s success through this merge, she moves there to get to know the man. When he leaves her there alone, she finds herself wondering through the vineyards and discovering her favorite winemaker.

Achille is a man isolated. The vines are his life, his purpose and the only thing he knows. When the “Duchessa” finds his home, she starts invading his mind, his heart and his soul. She takes away his loneliness and brings him hope.

Their love is doomed  because duty comes first, but these two are soulmates connected from the start. They are broken apart, but strong united. Their love is written in the stars and in their fate.

Caresa is a woman caring, kind and with an inter strength. She is there to support Achille and I loved how much she never refused her feelings. There was no doubt about him and though it was arranged to marry someone else, her love for him never took second place.

Achille on the other hand is a hero unexpected. He is shy, introvert, with a pure soul. He is confident about the vines but he knows nothing more about the outside world. He is a romantic at heart and this silent man will make you love him.

Tillie Cole can write alpha males with loud personalities and quiet tortured men but the surest thing is that she can make us fall in love with each character. Every book she writes is unique and every love story she creates makes you believe in soulmates. This story made my heart sing and my feelings burst and it became one of my top favorites of this year. If you want a modern fairytale with a forbidden love, then quickly grab this story.


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