New Review- The Parallel Series by Elizabeth O’ Roark

I have seen this author’s books around but never searched for more details until a trusted friend and fellow bookworm suggested this series to me. The Parallel Series hooked me from start to finish. I lost my sleep for three nights until I ended it with a full heart and more anticipation.

This series has two duets , one in the present and one in the past. They are linked together, so you’d better read them in order. I will not get into any details, because trust me you want the element of surprise.

These books are captivating, exciting and mysterious. The idea is based on time travel so expect many twists and turns. You will have many questions but rest assured that most will be answered on the end of this journey. The two couples are destined to be together, so your heart will beat with their rythm of theirs that work as one. I have to say that sometimes I wanted to throw my tablet but the end is bittersweet.

I would love to learn more about these couples but it seems the author has promised more books! If you want a time travel romance story that will grip you with its multilayered plot, then try this series!

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