New Review- The Outpost by Devney Perry

Devney Perry has stopped surprising me with her great writing as she has become one of my favorite authors. Her books are always amazing with fantastic characters and love stories that make you happy and satisfied. “The Outpost” is a book that has the perfect combination of slow burn romance and suspense leaving you with a smile.

Sabrina has played all her cards and lost in her journey of taking down a criminal family. She might have succeeded in finding all the evidence that will send these crinimals in jail through her journalism but now she is beaten and chased by them. Afraid for her life, she must now hide in the wilderness of the Montana mountains with a man she never knew before.

Beau has a lot on his plate but he cannot say no to the cry of help of this strong woman. He is the only man that knows these mountains like the back of his hand so he has to be the one to guide her in her stay in one of the outposts.

They are both intrigued by each other from the start but they have to resist their attraction. Sabrina is a city girl and Beau cannot leave his home, his family and this place. Their chemistry is sizzling throughout the book and when they decide to give their relationship a chance, they are inseparable.

I have to congratulate this author for her ability of writing decent characters. Beau is a gentle giant. He has a formidable image but the kindest heart. He is hardworking, responsible and sweet. He is trustworthy, calm and caring. He is a man to fall in love while knowing he will not break your heart. I LOVED him!

Sabrina is a woman strong and feisty. I like that she questions her ethics and she has these vulnerabilities. She might be out of her element in the nature but I admire her ability to adjust and not give up. She is a straight forward heroine who has instincts and logic. My only complaint is that towards the end she puts all these walls around herself and keeps Beau away without saying what she truly wants. She later realizes her mistake so no harm done.

This is a love story born into the majestic mountains of Montana that it is just as majestic as its beautiful scenery. A book that will keep you enchanted until the end and will make you fall in love with this wonderful place and this couple’s chance for a happily ever after!

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