New Review- Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey

Tools of Engagement is a fun enemies to lovers book with an age gap trope. This series is a mix of cute and emotional scenes and if you have read the other two books, then you know that our heroine Beth, the bossy woman is going down! Who can resist the sexy cowboy, Wes? She definitely cannot!

Bethany is a perfectionist, a self-assured woman who is ready to make her own steps in the construction industry. She is not only a pretty face and it’s time to prove it to her family that she can do it on her own. When a producer catches the rivarly between her and her brother, a new renovation show is on where the best is going to win! Everyone doubts her but the new cowboy in town is there to support her.

Wes had no responsibilities until his half sister left his niece in his care. Now he is trying his best to be there for her and he has to grow up. If only he could break the barriers with his sexy boss, everything would be better!

I am not a fan of age gap between the characters, but these two worked well together. Wes is not an immature boy but a caring man that is there for our heroine and his little niece. He is resposible, protective and supportive. Bethany is a woman who will be easily judged. She is stiff, cold and insecure. How can a reader like her, right? So wrong! If you read this author’s notes in the end, you will agree that we all have a little Bethany inside of us. Women tend to overwork themselves for perfection and are much more criticized. You will see that Bethany is trying too hard but her heart is breaking. She feels the pressure and all of the cold facade is a front.

Tessa always writes the best sensual scenes. Although, this is a slower burn romance than her others, the sexual tension is there!I do not know how Tessa can combine the words in a way that is so hot! The whispers, the touches, the sweet scenes… everything is sexy!

This is a great finale to this series and I have to admit that I am sad to say goodbye to these everyday characters!

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