New Review- Chaser by Kylie Scott

Kylie Scott is an author that gives you laughs and this book is sweet, funny and adorable. Chaser is about a womanizer, a pregnant girl and a love story that will entertain you and give you a relaxing time.

Eric is the king of one night stands and making drinks at his bar. What he doesn’t know is how to have a steady relationship. He is clueless and when his family and friends annoy him, it’s time for a change. Unfortunately he is attracted to the new girl who is also pregnant with another man’s baby.

Jean is scared to have a baby alone but she has everything planned. Her goals though are derailed when the sexy bartender wants to help. He might be ignorant but the man becomes her best friend and everything she needs.

This is a slow burn romance humorous and so cute. It is nice seeing the characters grow and learn to trust each other. There is no drama in their relationship and everything goes smoothly and effortlessly.

Eric appears as immature and naive but slowly he changes because he finds his right person for him. He is a great friend, a passionate lover and an affectionate caregiver to the baby. If you have read the previous books I am sure you will be cautious about his character but the man is anything but good in this one. Actually it was his friends that made me a little frustrated because they were more judgmental towards him even if he didn’t deserve it. Also, if you liked Mal from Play, Eric will remind you of him because he has the same innocence and playfulness.

Jean is an independent girl who tries to find balance between her old self and her new one as a mom. She is sassy when she wants and I loved that she treated Eric as an equal and accepted him from the start.

Chaser is one of this books that make you have a good time. The story flows easily and quickly and it works as a delightful break from books with heavily subjects. A lighthearted book that will definitely make you smile…

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