New Review- So Good by Nicola Rendell

I am not new to Nicola’s books so I went in it blindly expecting a sexy, racing story like her others! I knew that it was a best friends to lovers story but I cannot tell you how much it surprised me. This is by far one of the sweetest, adorable books I have ever read! I think the author knew exactly why she called it “So Good” because it describes it perfectly!

Max had always had a thing for his best friend from childhood Rosie, but he would never do anything about it… When, things take an unexpected turn and he “truly” sees her as a woman, he starts the conquest.

Rosie is lonely and trying to find her happily ever after but her problems rise more and more. She is broke, she has a cat from hell and all her dates are disastrous. Her only support is her best friend, Max. If only she could stop ogling his strong arms and his hot face.

A love born from their friendship will soon make them see that they are the perfect soulmates. There is trust, they care about each other and they burn the sheets. What else could they want?!

Max… This man is one of the cutest heroes I have read. He is devoted to Rosie, he is fun , he is loving and hot! Add a small Chihuahua into the mix and you have the best man! You see him dotting to everyone and being sensitive and then being an alpha male that bosses his woman.  The man is irresistible.

Rosie is awkwardly funny. She resists him at first in fear of losing him but when he sees his love, she blooms. She finds her confidence, she is sassy but without missing her loveable naivety.

I love that there is no drama and the book is full of sexiness and humor. This couple with their pets is a true family and their everyday live will bring you joy. I really like this author’s lighter side. This story brought me so many smiles and left me truly content and warmed my heart and for me , that’s what I call success! If you want to have some fun, this is a fantastic book to brighten your summer!

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