New Review- My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid

Two weeks ago I read Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid and I was curious to know how this club of sinful wallflowers started. So, what better way than reading book 1 of the series, My Darling Duke? Now I am completely sure that this author works for me, as I loved this book even more.

Katherine or as her friends call her, Kitty is in despair. Her father has died and her mom and sisters are on the brink of poverty. She feels responsible for them as the older  but no man is interested in marrying her, so nothing can save them. When she reads a gossip in an article that the reclusive Duke of Thornton seeks a bride, she gets a brilliant idea. She will say that she is his fiancee, so some of his connections will open up some doors. The man is in Scotland so he will never know, right?

Alexander is living his life in pain. After a tragic accident, he is deformed and he can barely walk. He has only time for his little sister and his business affairs. When a rumor arrives in his home that a woman claims to be his beloved, suddenly he is very curious. When he meets this strange creature, he is enchanted but he has nothing to offer but his friendship. So, they make a deal to spend some time together so she can save her family and he can have some fun until his interest fades.

These two characters are delightful! Kitty is so spirited and wild. She does not act as a stiff and proper girl of those times. She is free to laugh, to chat and love. She has no restrictions in her life and it was adorable to see her shenanigans. Alexander is such lovely man. He hides his vulnerable heart behind a rough facade but the man is starving for love. I admire the fact that the author does not romanticize his condition. He is not cured and not everything miraculously works. He really struggles and you can feel his pain.

Their scenes together are so hot. Although, there is almost no sex, their relationship is burning. It is like all the book is a story of foreplay. Sometimes, they have fun and sweet times and sometimes they are combustible.

I have to add how much I loved the relationship between Alexander and the people that helped him in his home. They are not servants but real family.

This book is one of the best historical romance stories I have read and I cannot wait to read more from this author!

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