New Review- Dotted Lines by Devney Perry

Dotted Lines is the final book in the Runaway series and this journey of love is coming to its end, bringing bittersweet feelings as we are going to miss these junkyard teenagers.

From book 1 I was anxious and excited to read about Karson, the only boy of the runaway kids and now Clara is there to get the boy that has become a special man.

Clara is a single mom and she is going to the final destination to find the boy she had a crush on as a teenager. She always had him in her heart and now she goes there to find her own happily every after.

Karson was always protective of the girls in the junkyard but in his final days there, he found a special spot in his heart for Clara, the sweet and caring girl. Now she is back all grown up and more beautiful than ever. He still wants her but his life is not what it should be to give her everything she needs.

This book had two parts; one of the past and one of the present. I loved the first one where we get to know more about these kids and what they have gone through. I liked both characters as teenagers and as grown ups. They are not bitter because of their past and they are full of love for each other.

There is something though in Karson’ s life that does not let him surrender to Clara and that was not a trope I like. The book was a little short so it was kind insta-love for me. They did not have the time to get to know each other as adults. I saw their connection as teenagers but as grown ups they should have more time to fall in love.

The thing that I admired the most of this book was Lou, the owner of the junkyard. We got to know more about him and the gruff old man stole my attention. I love that sometimes in your life you can find an unexpected ally that will change you.

The epilogue of the book was really sweet and the author tied up all the love stories with a nice red bow!

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