Weekly Releases for the week of December 12th, 2023

A Christmas Song by Tijan

The first year was fun. Simple.

I had a great roommate, and I was hooking up with a basketball player.
Then life happened, and my whole trajectory changed.
Gone was the hook-up. Gone was the roommate.
My new goal in life wasn’t to enjoy it. It was to get through each day by being blissfully numb.

It was working.
Until I woke up in my ex’s bed one morning.
No purse. No phone. No keys.
No memory of what happened.

First things first: I needed to get my ex off my vagi—back. I needed to get him off my back.
I needed to get my things.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted to remember the night before, but my ex was suddenly reminding me how he’s overbearing, arrogant, demanding, and hot.

Damn. He’s still so hot.
He’s also making me remember things that could have disastrous consequences.
For him. For me.
And most certainly for my heart…

* A Christmas Song is a Ryan’s Bed + spin-off novella because it is written from Mackenzie’s point of view and Maren’s point of view (Mackenzie’s roommate.) Both girls will take the reader on the day after from the fallout of a prior night’s event and the end will surprise everyone.
* Expect lots of Ryan and Mackenzie, but also get ready for Maren and Cristiano!

Finding the Road to Us by Carrie Ann Ryan

I was ready to say, ‘I do’, then my fiancé left me at the altar.
Broken and embarrassed, Trace and Elliot helped me run away—ditching my wedding dress in the process.

When I come back to the Wilder Retreat to show the world I’m no longer hurting, I know I must ignore my traitorous needs when it comes to these two men.

Because my body wants them both.
And my soul craves them just as much.

I know I can’t choose, and part of me asks why I should.
Only when we decide to take that chance and share everything, the danger from our pasts refuses to let our choice stand.

With one kiss, one dance into temptation, we could lose everything.
Including our lives.

A Little Lie by Tia Louise

Adam Stone is not a saint.
He’s six-foot-two, naughty blue eyes, cocky grin, and a bod blessed by the gods.
He’s a surfer, a soldier, a pilot, and he’s been my friend since I moved to our small town when we were just kids.

But another man took my hand.
He took my innocence, took my trust, and broke my heart.
I was young. I didn’t know love could be a weapon.
I didn’t know the hand that caressed you could also cut you.

Now that man is dead, and I’m a single-mom survivor wearing a mask so perfect, no one knows the truth. Trust doesn’t come easy, and surviving is a hard habit to break.

But when a plumbing disaster leaves me homeless, one night in Adam Stone’s (supposedly) empty bed changes everything.
I’ve hidden my scars so long, I don’t know how else to be, but I want to try.

I’m in love with Adam Stone. I love every glance, every wink, every protective touch
He says he’s different. He says he loves me and my son, and he wants to take care of us.
I believe in this love.
All I need is a little luck.

(A LITTLE LUCK is a spicy small-town, single mom romance with elements of forced proximity, only one bed, who did this to you, he falls first, and a touch of suspense. No cheating. No cliffhanger.)

Housebroke by Jaci Burton

After her ex took all their money and bailed, Hazel Bristow is left broke and homeless. A kind friend whose home is on the market lets Hazel and her foster dogs stay there until it sells. It’s the perfect setup, until her friend forgets to tell Hazel she’s sold the house.

Linc Kennedy is shocked to find Hazel and her pups squatting in the house he just bought, but after some negotiating—she offers to cook amazing meals for him in return for a paycheck—he agrees to let her remain while he’s renovating the place. Linc tells Hazel he’s an investor who renovates homes for fun—he just leaves out the part about being wealthy.

Hazel’s intrigued by Linc. He’s funny, sweet, ridiculously hot, and loves dogs almost as much as she does. But her track record with men? Not great. She worries her trust meter isn’t in working order.

Linc’s never met anyone like the quirky beauty who puts everyone’s needs—human and canine—before her own. He didn’t tell her about his wealth because he’s been burned by women who only wanted him for his money. But with Hazel, he’s never felt more like himself. Now he has to figure out how to tell her the truth without losing her. Because Linc realizes what he feels for her isn’t puppy love—it’s true love.

White Lies by Skye Warren

Mystery. Mayhem. Anything can happen in the circus.
Including kidnapping.

Logan Whitmere runs Cirque des Miroirs with intense focus. Only one thing has ever risked his dedication: the rebellious Sienna Cole. His attraction risks everything he cares about.

And threatens her life.

Now he faces a choice: the circus or Sienna. Family or love.

Duty or happily ever after.

Sharing the Miracle by Kristen Ashley

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley comes a new novella in her River Rain Series…

Elsa Cohen has everything she ever wanted.
A challenging career. A bicoastal lifestyle.
And an amazing man—the kind, loving and handsome Hale Wheeler—who adores her and has asked her to be his wife.
She isn’t ready for the surprise news she’s received.
And she doesn’t know how to tell Hale.
Once Hale discovers that his future has taken a drastic turn, a fear he’s never experienced takes hold.
He just doesn’t understand why.
Family and friends rally around the couple as they adjust to their new reality, and along the way, more surprises hit the River Rain crew as love is tested and life goes on.

Own Me by K.A. Tucker

Own Me is Book Five in the highly addictive forbidden romance The Wolf Hotel series.

Eight months ago, I was a naive, small-town farm girl nursing a shattered heart. Then hotel billionaire Henry Wolf picked me up off the ground (literally), and my entire life changed.
Now, I live in a luxurious Manhattan penthouse, and I’m starting my first company while planning a beautiful wedding to the man of my dreams.
I knew these first months would bring plenty of drama. I expected the savage media attention surrounding our engagement, and I braced myself for Mama’s theatrics about the wedding.
But nothing could have prepared me for the big secret that just stormed through our front door, altering the course of our future.

Own Me should be read after Tempt Me, Break Me, Teach Me, and Surrender to Me.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience.

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