Weekly Releases for the week of July 1st, 2024

Hold Me Until Morning by A.L. Jackson

I should have known I’d be playing with fire when I found the sexy as hell woman moving in next door…

It was pouring rain, so I figured the neighborly thing to do would be to lend a hand.

I nearly dropped to my knees when I realized who she was.

Hailey Wagner.

It’s been six years since I’ve seen her, and she’s always been the one person on earth who is off limits.

My past sins I’ve kept like an ugly secret made sure of that.

Too bad this single mom with the soulful eyes still makes my pulse speed the way it did back then, and I soon find our chemistry is just as strong.

When I find her ex threatening her, I insist on staying with Hailey and her little girl until I’m sure they’re safe.

I thought I could handle being under her roof. Only the tension between us strains, and with one forbidden kiss, all restraint is lost. We collide in a lightning bolt of greed, the two of us locked behind her door night after night.

Falling so hard I know there will be no coming back from it.

But being with Hailey exposes the past I’ve been trying to hide, and I’ll do anything to protect her from it. Because if I don’t? We’re both going to pay the consequences…

The DM Diaries by Teagan Hunter

Falling in love with a guy like this is easy. Finally meeting him is a different story in a funny, flirty, and emotional romantic comedy about celebrity, secrets, and plus-sized dreams.

Olive O’Brien is a plus-size influencer with half a million followers and big dreams. And she’s feeling the pressure to stand out while staying true to herself. To cope, Olive finds solace in an unexpected place: the DMs of Jasper Rafferty, the world’s hottest movie star, where she feels safe to share her hopes, fears, and secrets because it’s not like he’ll read them. Until he does. Kind of.

Career-wise, Jasper’s younger brother, Jude, is in free fall. After an interview gone wrong, Jude now has the thankless job of managing his brother’s social media accounts to help reboot his own image. Olive’s messages are unexpected, and her wit and vulnerability catch his interest. How can “Jasper” not respond? And how long can Jude keep up the ruse?

As the DMs get flirtier and more personal, the bigger question is what’ll happen when Olive finds out she’s fallen for a fraud. It might not be what either of them expects.

What’s in a Kiss by Lauren Kate

This is not how Liv wanted to see Jake Glasswell for the first time in ten years. Once her high school rival and the prom date who humiliated her, now a successful TV personality, he’s more attractive than he has any right to be. And he’s her Lyft passenger.

Since the prom night kiss that never was, Liv’s life has not gone to plan. She deferred Julliard to be with her mom during a crisis, and now swears she’s happy as a recently furloughed drama teacher going on no-strings dates. This weekend she’s maid of honor to her best friend, Masha, and, of course, Jake is the best man. But when Liv glares into Jake’s eyes as Masha says, “I do,” the universe turns on its axis and Liv is suddenly living a version of her life where prom night was the beginning of her and Jake, not the end, and it turns out he’s the love of her life. The catch? Her mom and Masha hate her now. What’s in a kiss? Maybe everything.

Recklessly, Wildly Yours by Nina Levine

Two hours before I’m supposed to say “I do,” I run.
Right into the arms of Ethan Black.
He finds me in a cloud of white lace and sheer panic, stranded in the middle of a Manhattan traffic jam.
My savior in a suit.
He doesn’t care about my last name, my fame, or the scandal brewing in my wake.
All he sees is me.
And for the first time, I dare to believe in the possibility of a different future.
But freedom comes at a price.
Falling for Ethan might be the most reckless thing I’ve ever done.
It might cost me everything.

Rebel Heart by Brighton Walsh

Harper Davidson has been ingrained on my heart since we were kids, and now she’s tattooed on my skin. But she’ll never know about either. Not when she’s better off thinking we’re enemies.

Having her in my space every day and sharing a wall with her every night is a challenge I never saw coming. A challenge I’m not sure I’m up to.

Especially when our daytime games turn into nighttime dares, pushing each other to the breaking point until our neighbors know exactly who’s making her scream.

As lines blur and feelings deepen, we begin teetering on the edge of something more. And it’s becoming harder to pretend that this is nothing—that she is nothing.

Because this second chance is starting to feel like a last chance.

It’s always been her for me, but I’m broken beyond repair and don’t know how to be the man she needs. These demons in my closet are never silent, and I’ll do anything to keep them from dragging her down with me.

Even if that means letting her go again.

Dishonestly Yours by Krista & Becca Ritchie

Phoebe Graves grew up in a family where deception and seduction are as commonplace as breathing. The Graves and her best friend Hailey’s family have been on the run their whole lives, but after a high-stakes con job goes south, Phoebe and Hailey decide to run away and start over. The small Connecticut town they settle in seems too good to be true.

The biggest flaw in their plan is Hailey’s frustratingly handsome brother, Rocky, who insists on coming with them. Living honestly isn’t in his DNA, and his past with Phoebe is downright messy. He’s everything she wants, but nothing she can have. 

Phoebe worries that Rocky will tempt them back into their old ways, where lying is second nature.  She doesn’t want Rocky to mess up the new life she’s begun for herself. The longer she stays in town, the more she realizes what it means to have a reputation—and what a normal life with the man she loves could look like.

The One I Stood Beside by Piper Rayne

It’s the classic story— best friends since childhood agree to a fake marriage, thinking they can pretend to love each other without their relationship changing.

Jude would do anything for me. He’s stood by my side since we were six, and I’ve done the same for him.

When my father dies, leaving our family farm drowning in debt and on the brink of being auctioned, I’m not surprised Jude steps in to help. I just never dreamed he’d fall to bended knee and devise a plan for us to fool everyone into thinking there’s more than a lifelong friendship between us.

Soon, I’m moving into his house, we’re planning a wedding on his family’s ranch, and we discover a new side to our relationship. I keep reminding myself it’s not real—it’s only to secure a loan to save the farm.

I’ve secretly loved Jude all my life, and now that I know how good we are together, I’m not sure we can return to being just friends.

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