Weekly Releases for the week of June 4th, 2024

Crossroads by Devney Perry

I met West Haven when I was eight years old. He taught me to play poker when I was nine, and we made paper airplanes together when I was eleven. He kissed me when I was sixteen. He was the best part about my family’s summer vacations to Montana. He was the boy who stole my heart. I was twenty-three when life ripped us apart.

Years later, I’m breaking my vow and returning to the ranch, not as a guest but its new owner. West might want me gone, but even he has to admit the only way to save his family’s legacy is with my help.

It’s not easy working side by side and facing those old memories. But this situation is only temporary. We’re at a crossroads. And as long as I don’t let myself fall in love with West Haven again, maybe this is our chance to put those ghosts to rest. Maybe this time we’ll finally be able to say goodbye.

Forbidden King by Laura Pavlov

Saylor Woodson is the one girl I can’t have, and the only girl I want.
She’s my best friend’s little sister, and completely off limits.
We have a history, a connection—one that no one else knows about.
One that I’ve tried hard to forget.
I’ve kept my distance for years, which was easy because she’d been away at school.
But now she’s home, and she’s everywhere I turn.
And the way that I want her is unexplainable.
She’s always on my mind.
She’s sunshine on a cloudy day.
So, I do everything in my power to keep my distance, because her brother is my best friend.
My family.
But the pull is too strong.
Overpowering in every way possible.
I want to claim her and keep her and make her mine.
So, we cross that line in the sand—slowly at first.
Until I’m drowning in this girl and can’t find my way up for air.
Betrayal runs deep, and guilt hangs over me like a dark cloud.
But I can’t seem to walk away, no matter how hard I try.
Because she makes me want things that I never thought possible.
And now that I’ve had a taste of forever, I’m willing to risk everything to keep it.
But can we weather the storm that’s coming for us?
Only time will tell.

The Accidental Dating Experiment by Lauren Blakely

Eight years ago I fell into a secret summer fling with the bright, big-hearted Juliet before our lives went in different directions.

Now, I’m the grumpy to her sunshine on a popular dating podcast we host, and when a wealthy fan gives us a charming coastal cottage as the biggest thank you ever, we head to the town where I grew up to give it a makeover.

And find the house has only one bed.

Located under a mirrored ceiling.

To make matters even harder, the woman I’ve been pining for tells me she wants to try to find the one and would I please be her dating coach for the week?

Like hell I’ll let her date other men. I’ll coach her on three dates with me.

But the second I take her out, I don’t feel like her teacher. I feel like she’s mine, especially when the first night ends with us tangled up together in that bed.

Each night we grow closer, but this dating experiment forces me to face my greatest fear – whether a man like me is worthy of her love.

Even though I’m already head over heels for her.

False Start by Kandi Steiner

I thought I left Kyle and our complicated past behind me, but when he saunters up as my new client at a house showing, I’m quickly reminded how much he still haunts me.

I try to walk away, but the stubborn jerk isn’t having it. In fact, he doubles down on working with me, as if our tragic history doesn’t exist at all.

The commission from working with him is the key to a new life for me and my son. It’s worth putting up with the cocky athlete long enough to find him a house. But when Kyle sees the bruises left by my darling ex-husband, he thinks he can save me — and suddenly, he’s interested in much more than just being a client.

Before I know it, I’m wrangled into a scheme so crazy it just might work. Kyle pretends to be my fake boyfriend so he can keep my ex in line until I get the commission from this house sale and get the hell out of Seattle for good.

But with a past as thick with chemistry and tension as ours is, it’s not long before those fake touches feel all too real. Every brush of his hand against my back has me spinning back to that night. Every kiss has me dizzy with the love I felt at eighteen. And every day that passes without me finding him a house has me wondering how much longer I can survive this game we’re playing.

Fake-dating each other was supposed to be for my safety.

But I can’t help thinking my heart is more at risk now than ever before.

Notorious by Leslie McAdam

Picking up your favorite adult film star at a bar in Vegas is a bad idea—especially when you wake up the next morning married to him. Ask me how I know.

Before I met Velvet the Cowboy, the public knew me as an innocuous guy who was running for office.

Now I’ve gone from boring to notorious in twenty-four hours.

The hot stranger’s ring on my finger puts a damper on my political ambitions, since his day job isn’t voter-friendly. An annulment is a no-go, and a quickie divorce would make me look unreliable.

In any case, when I find out Velvet’s dark plans, I know I can’t let him out of my sight. Which means I’m taking a gorgeous, 6’6”, slow-talking cowboy home with me to protect him from himself.

Being with him might light my career on fire. I’m just not expecting it to do the same to my heart.

Forgotten Desires by Corinne Michaels

Ten years ago Carson Knight was my one great love, but he abandoned me without a trace.

Now he’s a billionaire single-dad in need of a temporary wife.

And he’s at my house on one knee with a proposal …

Marry him, so he’s more likely to win full custody of his daughter, keeping her safe from her unstable mother. In return, he’ll take care of the medical expenses for a surgery my father needs to survive.

Reluctantly, I agree to tie the knot, on one condition. Once those custody papers are signed, we go our separate ways. Because he’s even more gorgeous, charming, and sweeter than he was back then, and I don’t trust myself not to fall for my fake husband.

Especially when I hear him say “my wife.”

Or feel his hands on my skin. Taste his kiss or see the way he looks at me with those blue eyes and know that our carefully crafted rules will shatter.

Right alongside my heart.

The God & the Gumiho by Sophie Kim

Kim Hani has retired from a life of devouring souls. She is, simply put, too full. Once known as the infamous Scarlet Fox, she now spends her days working in a coffee shop and annoying a particularly irritating, if unfairly handsome, trickster god as often as she can.

That god is Seokga the Fallen. Exiled from the heavenly kingdom of Okhwang, he now begrudgingly resides in the mortal realm, working toward his redemption and suffering through his interactions with the particularly infuriating, if sneakily charming, gumiho barista at his favorite café. 

But when a powerful demon escapes from the underworld and threatens to end all of humanity, Okhwang’s emperor offers Seokga an enticing bargain: Kill this rogue creature, as well as the legendary and elusive Scarlet Fox, and he will be reinstated as a god. Hani, however, has no intention of being caught. Seokga might be a trickster god, but she has a trick of her own that he’ll never see coming: teaming up. As Seokga’s assistant, Hani will undermine and sabotage his investigation right under his overly pointy nose. Sure, she’ll help him kill the demon, but she certainly won’t allow him to uncover her secret identity while they’re at it.

As the bickering partners track their case down a path of mayhem and violence, the god and the gumiho find themselves inescapably drawn to each other. But will the unlikely couple stand together to prevent the apocalypse, or will they let their secrets tear them—and the world—apart?

Sterling Streak by L.B. Dunbar

They call me Lady Boss. Maneater. Queen. But beneath the makeup, blond wig, and glitzy costumes, I’m just a country girl who likes to sing. I don’t hate men, I’m just struggling to find a good one. I’ve learned my lesson. Fool me once, and it will never, ever happen again. So I’m baffled when I meet Ford Sylver.

A superstar in his own right as the centerfielder for the Chicago Anchors baseball team, plus a single dad to three adorable little girls, we share a moment when I save his firm backside and pretend he’s mine. Something that he can never be.

Only, when he suffers a season-changing injury and I need a place to disappear, we both end up back in Sterling Falls, where I’m suddenly and unwittingly his nanny.

There’s danger in having a wild side. I’ll try anything once. However, forced into close quarters with Ford, acting as his personal nurse, and caring for his three little ones might backfire. Because I’m staring at all I ever wanted and never thought would happen for me.

After losing at love in the past, could I finally be on a winning streak?

Wait for You by J.H. Croix

We’re just going to be friends, right?My kind of forever is staying single. It took too many years to escape my disaster of a marriage. As a single mom who’s barely scraping by, most men don’t even notice me. So when Adam Cannon almost kisses me, I’m not expecting it.

I’m definitely not expecting him to propose more. Despite a firm commitment to never being committed, I can’t resist Adam. It’s just a few kisses, I tell myself.

Adam is everything I never expected. Protective, loyal, and hot enough to melt a few glaciers. I tell him we can’t let things get complicated. I’m a woman with a messy past and definitely from the wrong side of town. By the time things have gone well past complicated, I’m falling hard and Adam might be the only man who can catch me.

Adam & Tessa’s story is perfect for readers who love: he falls first, billionaire heroes, slow burn, friends to lovers, small town shenanigans, emotional romance with a dash of angst, plenty of swoon, and a deeply loyal cinnamon roll hero with a protective streak.

Leather & Lark by Brynne Weaver

Contract killer Lachlan Kane wants a quiet life working in his leather studio and forgetting all about his traumatic past. But when he botches a job for his boss’s biggest client, Lachlan knows he’ll never claw his way out of the underworld. At least, not until songbird Lark Montague offers him a deal: use his skills to hunt down a killer and she’ll find a way to secure his freedom. The catch? He has to marry her first.

And they can’t stand each other.

Indie singer-songwriter Lark is the sunshine and glitter that burns through every cloud and clings to every crevice that Lachlan Kane tries to hide inside. The surly older brother of her best friend’s soulmate, Lachlan thinks she’s just a privileged princess, but Lark has plenty of secrets hiding in the shadows of her bright light. With her formidable family in a tailspin and her best friend’s happiness on the line, she’s willing to make a vow to the man she’s determined to hate, no matter how tempting the broody assassin might be.

As Lachlan and Lark navigate the dark world that binds them together, it becomes impossible to discern their fake marriage from a real one. But it’s not just familiar dangers that haunt them.

There’s another phantom lurking on their doorstep.

And this one has come for blood.

My Royal Showmance by Lexi Blake

Anika Fox knows exactly where she wants to be, and it’s not on the set of a reality TV dating show. She’s working her way up at the production company she works for and she’s close to achieving some of her dreams. The big boss just wants one thing from her. She’s got a potential problem with the director of The King Takes a Bride and she wants Anika to pose as a production assistant and report back.

As the king of a tiny European country, Luca St. Marten knows the world views him as one of the pampered royalty of the world. It couldn’t be further from the truth. His country is hurting and he’s right there on the front lines with his citizens. When he’s asked to do a dating show, his counselors point out that it could bring tourism back to Ralavia. It goes against his every desire, but he agrees.

When one of the contestants drops out at the last minute, Anika finds herself replacing the potential princess. She’s sure she’ll be asked to leave the first night, but Luca keeps picking her again and again. Suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a made-for-TV fantasy, and she’s unsure what’s real and what’s simply reality TV.

Show Off by Tawna Fenske

I wish I didn’t know how one heartbreak can smash your world to bits.
And really I wish I didn’t suspect it’s why there’s an edge to Lana’s sunshine smile.
Hell, I wish I didn’t think of Lana at all.
I’m busy busting ass to be the best—and yeah, grumpiest—chef around.
There’s a reason I keep people at a distance.
My evenings blur with butter and basil and helping my brother.
Trying to forget how he wound up in a wheelchair.
We’ve got our routine, and there’s no room for sweet smiles or blue eyes or…why is it so damn hot in here?
The thing is, Lana spins stories as a PR goddess.
I’m all for icing cookies, but sugarcoating the truth? Never.
Directness is best, even if it means awkward dessert dates that are definitely not dates, and embarrassing chats with my dog.
But one truth I’m terrified to face?
I’m nuts for Lana.
And the fallout could blow up our lives like a mug cake microwaved in a tin cup.

Score on You by Harloe Rae

This existence I’m surviving passes alongside the bars of an invisible cage.
Until one night when there’s a choice I can take.
I flee the oppressive barriers without a backward glance.

The adjustment is a steep incline.
Unknown obstacles lurk in every direction.
But those turns are part of my journey, which makes them treasures to cherish.

The most meaningful of them all is crossing paths with Ridge Carter.

The former hockey star is intimidating but irresistible.
He’s the opposite of the men I’ve been raised to fear.
Rather than restrain my newfound freedom, he shows me what it means to thrive.
That gives me the courage to wade deeper.

Ridge’s stony exterior rarely cracks, except for me.
He’s different when I’m nearby and I like that. A lot.
It has me seeking him out, but I never have to look far.

Maybe I should question his close proximity that has little to do with him living next door.
I choose to trust instead.
Ridge acts like I’m a bigger score than any goal he made on the ice.
But the experiences he’s giving me are just the beginning.

And once again, a single choice has the power to change everything.

In Scandal with the Duke by Stacy Reid

Jaded by fortune hunters who covet her wealth rather than her heart, American heiress Miss Elizabeth Armstrong has abandoned the pursuit of marriage. Resigned to enjoy her London visit before returning to New York, Elizabeth’s deep desire for adventures is ignited after a chance meeting with the cynical yet captivating Duke of Basil.

James, a seasoned rake with a steadfast rule against entanglements with debutantes and innocents, finds himself irresistibly drawn to Elizabeth’s wit and charm. Intent on indulging in a fleeting affair, he plans to savor the intoxicating pleasures she offers without any promises of tomorrow. However, Elizabeth proves far more alluring than he anticipated. As their passionate connection deepens, James becomes ensnared in a web of scandal and heartbreak.

Will they find the courage to embrace the love that binds them, or will their affair end in ruin?

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